As everyone knows, it can be a challenge to do any Vancouver house painting in the rainy fall and winter. We do most of our exterior painting in the summer months. We can do the preparation work rain or shine, but the final coats of paint and touch up work work require warm and dry conditions.

When it’s time to paint we take advantage of the clear dry days to get the best finish. If you look closely you will see the trim we painted on this brick house is beautifully done. There is no room for errors when painting close to brick because as you can imagine, it is almost impossible to remove paint from brick once something has dripped on it or a careless stroke over shot the window frame or the gutter.

Painting Season

Summer time is painting season for all house painters and we are no exception. Ideally we will book as much exterior painting work for the summer as possible, but if needed we can paint inside as well when called for. We are flexible and will work with your schedule to get things done in a timely fashion so you can carry on with your home looking the way you imagine it should. You may have guessed we are heritage home painting specialists and you would be right. Painting heritage houses can be tricky because of the fancy construction back in the day, so you don’t want just anyone painting a heritage home.

If you read through our other posts you will see we pay close attention to detail and respect your home like it was our own. Painting older homes has its challenges so you will want to hire people experienced in these matters. The type of paint we use in certain areas, how it is applied, where extra coats are needed and proper preparations are all part of how we work.

Work Warranty

When you call ask about our 5 year warranty. We offer that because we are confident in every aspect of what we do. It has taken us years to develop our painting and preparation techniques and the reason we kept refining the process is because of you, our customer. Be confident knowing that your home will look wonderful for years after we leave. That is why we get so many referrals year after year. For quality results, contact David @ Heritage Painting & Decorating Vancouver BC

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By: David Forrester