Company policy is to take care removing old and weathered paint to make sure we get down to the base of what we are painting for you. One of the most important things in house painting is to make sure the new coat adheres for as long as possible. We only use top quality paint and apply it under ideal conditions. There shall be no peeling… When you call, ask about our 5 year warranty.

We have built our reputation over the years and will continue to do so. One of the best things any company can do is make their customers happy, for obvious reasons. The good karma we generate has reciprocated with referrals from past customers. Every referral call we get makes the day a pleasure to go through and helps build more good will.

Employee Training

Many or our employees have been with us for years and know company procedures. When we hire new staff they go through our training and develop the same skills as everyone else so our work is uniform. Quality is our guideline and the results are proof of that. The original owner, David Forrester stated this policy of hard work and dedication to the client right from the day Heritage Painting & Decorating was formed. This work ethic has seen a small painting company grow into a decent sized company employing a stable number of people.

Final Checks

On every job someone does a final check to see that nothing was missed. We do our level best to remove all masking tape, pick up the tarps and clean everything up. If we happen to leave something behind or you are unhappy with anything, we return to finish what ever it happens to be. Our biggest concern is that you are left feeling good about the experience and you got the value you deserve. We are always delighted when someone you know calls because of a recommendation. That is the icing on the cake for any business and we love it when that happens. For quality results contact David about getting any house painting done this year.

Quality Painting Video

By: David Forrester