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Ask about our Five Year Warranty.

For excellent quality house painting Heritage Painting and Decorating is a company consistently good at what we do. You might be thinking about giving the house a paint job, and if you’re considering that you start to realize how much work it can be. Scraping sanding and all the preparation work is a big job.

Like many homeowners you probably want the place to look nice. So if you’re going to spend a little money you might as well get it done right.

Imagine How Nice Your Place Will Look

At Heritage Painting and Decorating we’ll be happy to give you a free no obligation estimate. Give you an idea about what you’re looking at, some ideas about decorating and the costs involved for a professional paint job.  We’ll help you come up with a plan and give you exactly what you want.

Vancouver House Painting Services

For house painting services in Vancouver BC you can’t go wrong hiring Heritage Painting and Decorating. One of the best house painters in the lower mainland run by David Forrester. Heritage Painting has been here since 1997 and has grown into a well respected painting business.

Vancouver Painting Contractor – Quality Services

Are you thinking of painting your home this year?

You probably have a few questions like “Who is most qualified to paint my house?” “Do they have any referrals I can check out?” “Do they do good preparation work?”

Heritage Painting and Decorating has painted countless heritage homes, dozens of large commercial buildings both inside and out, and many many custom homes in the Vancouver area. You can count on us for lasting quality when we paint your home. We will be happy to offer you our five year warranty.