Useful Tips When Painting Your Home

People renovate their houses after a certain period of time, not because the house has become ram shackled, but simply because they want to bring vibrancy to their homes again. What better way to do this than repainting the home. For other people, they might be moving into a new home and they do not feel the colors in their new homes. Therefore they decide to repaint the home.

Quality Will Always be The Best Decision

Whatever the reason for Vancouver house painting or repainting, there is need for a quality job. Some people might seek a professional painter while others who have time might consider doing the painting themselves. For persons who have decided to do the painting on their own, the following tips will go a long way in helping them do a quality job.

Wall Preparation

The key to having a successful house painting job lies in proper preparation, having high quality paint and possessing the right painting technique. This process is essential to ensuring that there is a smooth finish. Preparation stage has two sections; wall preparation and surface preparation.

When it comes to wall preparation, the process entails filling all the holes and cracks that may be on the walls. A filling substance known as “putty” or “filler” is essential in this process. An individual should therefore fill all holes that might have been created by nails or plumbing/electrical works. For larger holes, a drywall compound should be used to make a patch on the wall.

After all the fillings have been done, one should give the wall sufficient time for the fillers and drywall compound to dry. One all the patches are dry, a sand paper should be used to smoothen the edges of the patches so that they blend with the wall. Other rough edges could be scraped off and the area padded with wet sponge.

Surface Preparation

The second stage involves surface preparation. This entails safeguarding the area below the walls that do not need to get paint. There are many ways of protecting the floor while painting. One can place a pasting sheet on the surface round the room. A masking tape can also be used especially at the edges where the wall meets the door, windows or cabinet. After preparation, painting job can then begin.

As mentioned earlier, good quality paint is needed to get that perfect outcome. There are various types of paint in the market and one might be confused which one to pick. But once the individual has a theme in mind of the color he/she wants, deciding on the brand of paint will not be such a hard thing.

Paints are grouped into two major categories; water-based paints and solvent/oil-based paints. Water-based coats dry faster than solvent/oil based ones. But the solvent based ones are easy to clean as compared to the latter one. Also these coats produce different finishes depending on its glossiness and how many coats one applies on the wall.

Glossiness refers to the ability of the coating to reflect light. This quality also improves the cleaning ability of a place. There are also coatings which are non-reflective to suit different preferences. To conclude this article, before beginning the job, one should have proper clothing and read instructions on the paints before doing anything.

Choosing The Right Contractor

If quality is your benchmark and you would rather employ professional Vancouver house painters for this job, then call us for an estimate. We will be delighted to assess everything and give you an accurate quote for the work.

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