Interior painting takes experience and attention to detail in a stylish home. Heritage homes are protected by law and when we paint one of these older homes we know there are expectations for results.

It is unacceptable for us to leave even the slightest splash of wayward paint anywhere when we are finished. As expert painting contractors we are meticulous when preparing each room. Our masking tape is placed with care to ensure the finished lines are straight and precise. You can relax knowing your home will be every bit as wonderful as you expect it to be once the work is done and the canvas floor covers are gone. Everything is cleaned and left looking like you would imagine it should be. When you call ask about our 5 year warranty.

Every corner and edge is carefully masked off and tarps laid wherever paint could drip or splash. When we are in your home we are very careful with anything that has been left in the rooms. We work quickly and leave each room looking wonderful when we are done. Vancouver house painters work a short season some years so we always work quickly and efficiently.

Choosing Colors

When you are thinking of the colors we can help with suggestions seeing as we have lots of experience in that area. Some colors may seem alright together in certain setting, but we have found perceptions can change over time so we will be happy to discuss color options with you if you want.

Paint Quality

A young family will probably want a kid resistant walls, whereas a retired couple may be more concerned with the overall look of their home. We are familiar with every type of paint on the market and will be happy to recommend the best type of paint for your needs. Sometimes good old latex is a good application, but in other areas a high quality paint is best. We know where to cut back on expense and where it would be best to go top shelf. We are pretty good at hitting that mark and fitting your budget.

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By: David Forrester